Our Services Are Expanding! (This page is under construction).

Thank you so much for visiting our new website! We have joined forces with Shape3D so we can provide ALL Marketing & Promotional services, whether online OR offline!

With so many products and services, this page will take a while to complete, so until it's finished, please follow the links to find what you're looking for.

If you have been directed here to download eBooks or Forms you will find them below also.

Social Media Marketing Plan

To make sure we produce the right creatives, style and message for your audience, to represent your business according to your requirements, we will need some information from you on your vision. 

Please download the questionnaire and fill it out the best you can. Don't panic if you can't answer some of the questions, we can fill in the gaps once we start building a strategy for your campaign, and get to know you better.

Meet Our New Partners!

We are delighted to be able to offer a total package when it comes to marketing and promotion and feel blessed to have found a team of experts in the printing industry to work with, who are as passionate about quality and customer service as we are!

So if you need any kind of printing, yes even 3D printing! Click the button to visit our new partners over at Shape3D (you may subsequently be directed back to us as we are handling new clients and cross-marketing, but all the available products are listed there, until we have updated this new website).


Choose Your Content Style

Since the pandemic pushed most of the world online, more & more content has been flooding in from everywhere, so to stand out in the ocean of new content, you have to use motion graphics to bring your marketing to life or your message will just be drowned!

Once you accept this, you need to decide on the type of style that suits your offer or personality best. With so many options, we need to get a feel for what type of content you like, or want us to use to represent your business or offer. 

For example, there are cartoon style characters for animations or talking avatars, white board styles which tell a story in a hand drawn way, corporate presentation styles, impactful movie trailer styles... the list goes on! So to give us an idea of YOUR style, please click the button to visit our online portfolio, have a browse through and copy the links of a few you like the styles of. We can then create your content along those lines. 

Best Lead Generation Software for 2021

This is where it all began for me (well, this side of smart phones and social media anyway!) and where 'OSP' in my username came from. Online Sales Pro is the #1 Lead Generation tool that every business should have in their tool box, to stay ahead of their competition. Put simply, having the OSP software app on your phone, is like having a full time, 24/7 assistant in your pocket! Click to watch a video explaining why you need this app!  

Best YouTube Thumbnail Creator Software

So, you've just spent hours (or days!) creating an amazing video for your business and uploaded it to YouTube, but how does it compare to the competitor's videos? After all that effort, you really want your video to stand out from the rest right? If you answered yes, then this software is for you. I've created hundreds of templates (I only have about 30 videos, but I use this all the time for all sorts of images, not just thumbnails!) since I got this, and I just can't live without it!

(if link is not live, please email me for access)

Best New Business Idea for 2021

If the pandemic closed your business, got you laid off, or at least got you thinking about a better way of working, and you are looking for a way to earn money working from home, this has got to be the BEST opportunity EVER!! 

To Create Your Own Mobile APP could cost $50,000 - $100,000...

If you don't want to spend thousands of £/$ or years learning how to do everything digital (like I did, and I'm still learning!), this new software will blow your socks off! I wish this had been out 5 years ago!! 

Oh, and it's newbie friendly :)

You can get started for just $4.95 through this link!

A replacement for YouTube to host your videos


Hate waiting to be able to skip the adds on YouTube? Me too!! 

If you are a video creator that has tons of videos, and you want to share them with your audience, without all the ads that are showing other people's offers, you should take a look at this. 

You can upload all your videos to this cloud based app, control the privacy settings so people can't steal your work and even add your own player settings to make it unique to you!

Find unlimited LEADS on Instagram in minutes!

This is the world's fastest lead generation & sales tool ever created! 

Now it's possible to: 

MASS CONTACT users with Profilemates Public Email & Phone Number Domination module

ProfileMate will search any profiles FANBASE for you and gather 50-150 emails a day on average of users who WANT TO BE CONTACTED for FREE, allowing you to contact them instantly and convert your offer.

Cloud Hosted Video Editor & Screen Recorder!


If your hardware can't take the large file size of the downloadable editing software (such as Camtasia, or DaVinci Resolve, etc.) but you still need to be able to edit your videos, then this software is for you!

To be a 360 degree marketer and really skyrocket your business you need to be able to create CUSTOM long length video presentations, screen capture videos, tutorials, video courses, educational videos to multiply your profits.

Creating long length animated videos on Complex video apps like  Camtasia, Adobe Premiere etc. are complicated, expensive and super hard to learn.

To solve this problem, I use VidEditor app - A brand new 3-in-1 video editorscreen recorder and video animation suite hosted on the cloud with groundbreaking features designed to make long length animated videos!

Image Background Removal, & much more!

How many times have you wanted to be able to quickly remove the background of an image? 

Or how about reducing the file size of an image, only to lose the quality? 

And then the opposite, how to increase the image quality or resolution?

I jump into this software multiple times a day for all the above, and more! For example, it also has loads of premade templates for social media posts and even ads! Giving you so much room to create, and so easily too. Use this with the Thumbnail software to create mind blowing images, use it for your clients' logos - remove background and enhance resolution, so you can easily add them to your animated logo stings and videos and keep them at the highest possible quality!

Struggling to come up with Great Ad Copy?

Hate writing copy? Wouldn't it be cool to have your own Ai computer to write your copy for you? 

Everything you produce, whether it's content for your website, email marketing, your social media posts, all types of video (which is vital these days), or most importantly your ads, NEED copywriting skills.

So you have a few choices:

  • Make it up and hope for the best - you probably won't get ranked on google
  • Copy your competition - This may even penalise you so you don't even appear, let alone rank!
  • Pay a copywriter - can be extremely expensive
  • Us Ai software to write unique copy for whatever you like!

I use 3 different ones and can't decide which one I love more! I'll let you decide :)